Compilation of Information and Documents Relating to the Project

This Project will be compiled information from relevant documents of studied area including social-economic data on potential project area, the national strategy of Thailand and Myanmar, population data, number of registered vehicles, economic data, accident statistics, and tourism statistics etc. as well as other relevant data in order to support area development plan, and support guideline for increasing project value added. In addition, the data needs to be updated in which this chapter will display the collected data by categorizing the data into 3 groups as follows.

  • Compilation of potential project area and connection in economic dimension according to cooperation framework
  • Policy and National Development Plan of Thailand and Myanmar
  • Expected Benefits and Guideline for increasing project value added

  • This Project will review the details designed of the two-lanes road project which was prepared by the Myanmar side. This road project began from STA. 16 + 458 km to STA. 156 + 500. Totally, the distance is about 140 km. The existing road defined to consist of 3 sections as Section 1 connecting from DSEZ to Myitta Distric while Section 2 and Section 3 link from Myitta to Myanmar – Thailand Border at Hti Khee, Myanmar and Phu Nam Ron Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand. The topography of the route is mostly flat and moderately rolling or hilly, some route is mountainous, as shown in Figure 3.2-1. The engineering review was divided into 4 parts of 1) the road structure and embankment 2) the bridge structure and drainage system 3) the details design of roads geometry and intersections and 4) the location of the toll booths and rest area.

    Myanmar, officially known as Republic of the Union of Myanmar, is a sovereign state in South East Asia with an area of 676,578 square kilometers (about 1.3 times of Thailand) making Myanmar ranked 40th largest country of the world and 2nd largest country in Southeast Asia. Myanmar has the most territory that is connected to Thailand by 10 provinces, starting from Northern Thailand including Chiang Rai, Chiangmai, Mae Hong Son, Tak, Kanchanaburi, Ratchaburi, Phetchaburi, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Chumphon, and Ranong.

    Moreover, capital city of Myanmar and administrative center is Naypyidaw, which is far from Yangon, old capital city, by 320 kilometers. Republic of the Union of Myanmar has divided regional administrative area into 7 regions which consist of Myanmar population, while the area that consists of ethnic minorities has 7 states and 1 union territory.

    Considering number of population in Myanmar between 2005-2019, it showed that Myanmar population growth rate increased by 0.80 percent per year from 48.5 Million in 2005 to 54.1 Million in 2019.

    Gross Domestic Product or GDP of Myanmar was growing progressively from 65.446 Billion USD in 2014 to 71.215 Billion USD in 2018 causing GDP per capita to rise afterward. In addition, GDP growth rate between 2014-2018 was about 5-6% whereas most economic activity of Myanmar can be categorized as follows ;

  • Agricultural Dimension :  As agriculture is a main occupation of most Burmese which consists of mostly rice planting, jute planting, sugar cane farming, and other tropical plants farming.
  • Mining Dimension :  There are stone mining, zinc mining in North-East of Myanmar, tin mining and forestry in South-East of Myanmar, teakwood forestry in North of Myanmar, and petroleum rig in upper central of Myanmar.
  • Industry Dimension :  In general, Myanmar industry is still in progress of development for instance boatbuilding industry around Yangon, Myeik, and Dawei. Moreover, Myanmar is also full of essential resources such as natural gas, jewelry, forest, mineral (tin) and oil.

  • Most of the land use characteristics of Dawei are residential. With agriculture and forest areas, current habitat of houses, wooden buildings houses, cement buildings and houses of semi-cement wooden buildings, there are also commercial buildings, as well as hotels. For agriculture, we found that a large number of rice, banana and betel tree plantations were cultivated along with fishery occupations because Dawei city has an area West to the Andaman sea which Dawei has an area adjacent to the sea causes Dawei to be one of Myanmar's tourist attraction sites.

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