Project Background

Two-lanes roads link between the Dawei Special Economic Zone (DSEZ) to the Thai-Myanmar border as part of the Dawei Special Economic Zone Development Project and related project areas. Which is part of the ASEAN Connectivity Masterplan which supports international cooperation for the development of linking along the southern economic corridor of the regional economic cooperation development plan of GMS Southern Economic Corridor.

To be the western gateway of the region Linking the East and the West. And also, connecting the development along the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) from the eastern seaboard of Thailand to the Dawei Special Economic Zone that will make Thailand become a center of transportation hub in the region.

The development of Two-lane road is a necessary initially infrastructure to support the development of the Dawei Special Economic Zone and the relevant initial project in the first phase. The road construction project is two-lane roadway link between Dawei Industrial Estate, Republic of the Union of Myanmar with the Thai border at Phu Nam Ron Subdistrict of Karnchanaburi. Totally, distance is about 138 kilometers. (Refer to TOR). This road will be linked to the road network of Thailand, which is a special highway project between cities of Bang Yai-Kanchanaburi - Phu Nam Ron. If the two-lanes road project and the special highway project completed, this linking will create a road network linked from the deep-sea port and industrial estates in Myanmar's Dawei Special Economic Zone to Laem Chabang Port and Industrial Estate in Thailand to promote economic development, increase investment, transportation and international logistics.


1. To review the plan, policy and guidelines for the development of the project.

2. To review the appropriateness of engineering and environment of the project.

3. To conduct a review the original details design and / or conduct a redesign that needs to improve the construction of the original two-lane road to connect the Dawei Special Economic Zone to the Thai-Myanmar border.

4. To evaluate the total construction cost of the project and prepare tender documents that conform with the current conditions of the road.

Expected Benefits and Value Addition of Project

Road construction project from Dawei to Ban Phu Nam Ron is the path to link the Dawei Deep Sea Port & Industrial Estate Project and Transborder Corridor and Transborder Corridor Link is the new Gate Way of the West and East. Projects in Dawei are the center of large regional logistics and trade systems, linking transportation and trade between countries in Southeast Asia and countries in the South China Sea through the Andaman Sea to the Indian Ocean, which is a main route to deliver products both to and from the water through the Middle East, Europe and Africa. It will save costs and time of transportation and can help develop trade, investment and regional economies in the long term.

Reviewing policies and development strategies related to project development was found that in the case of the development route from Phu Nam Ron to Dawei, it would be promoting the economic cooperation framework policy in the Mekong River Basin (GMS), which engourages the Southern Economic Corridor: SEC link Myanmar-Thailand-Cambodia-Vietnam.

The developed network will help reduce the 5-day period of shipping goods from the Middle East to 5 days in Indochina. For Thailand, Dawei will be the new economic gateway connecting Dawei Deep Sea Port and Laem Chabang Port according to the trading strategy, linking the neighboring countries. Therefore, products sent from Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South Asia will pass through the Dawei Deep Sea Port to Laem Chabang Port for a period only 1 day, and can be delivered to China, Korea, Japan or Pacific countries.The Dawei Deep Sea Port Project and Dawei Special Economic Zone will have a positive impact and benefits for both Myanmar and Thailand.

The project owner office

Neighbouring Countries Economic Development Cooperation Agency (Public Organization) (NEDA)

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Consultant company group

INDEX International Group Co.,Ltd.

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Decade Consultant Co.,Ltd.

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